lassoTM is a leading brand for semi-underground and underground containers and has strengthened its international presence with innovative solutions throughout the years.

With a strong experience in waste management solutions, lassoTM offers a wide collection of semi-underground and full-underground containers for the mixed and selective waste deposition, allowing a harmonious integration with the environment, ensuring low maintenance costs and effective management and resource efficiency in the waste collection process — for a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

lassoTM high capacity full-underground and semi-underground containers are developed and manufactured in Europe by Sopsa, a Portuguese based company with 25 years of experience and leadership in waste management solutions. lassoTM brand is recognized by its solid know-how in engineering and product development and its ability to suit the needs and requirements of each market and of each community.

lassoTM manufacturing facilities are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for the design, manufacturing, distribution and installation of full-underground and semi-underground waste containers.

Currently lassoTM containers are used in about 160 municipalities and more than 1,000 private companies, including some of the biggest waste management operators in Portugal, Europe and North America.

In early 2016 lassoTM launches a new full-underground container, developed with the latest technology designed for the optimization of waste management, with unprecedented advantages in terms of maintenance.

Creating a sustainable environment.