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Creating a more sustainable planet

Since 1992

More effective waste management

Towards the circular economy

Design and functionality in harmony with the environment

Less space occupation, more urban cleaning

Smart solutions for urban waste collection

Designed for the smart cities of the future


Leader in full-underground and semi-underground containers for urban waste collection

With more than 30 years of experience, Lasso™ is a leading brand in large-capacity underground and semi-underground containers for solid urban waste disposal. It presents a wide range of adaptable solutions for each case, which allow harmonious integration with the surroundings, ensure low maintenance costs and ensure effective management and resource savings in the collection process, for a cleaner and more sustainable environment.

Innovation in waste management

Our Concept

Diverting waste from landfills, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a circular economy are currently priority objectives for municipalities, in order to achieve the goals set by the European Union regarding waste management and to combat the climate crisis. Lasso™ was created with the aim of making this reality closer every day, with a focus on improving the living conditions of populations and solving environmental problems.

Our Path

For 30 years, Lasso Eco Innovation has been investing in research and development (R&D) to create the best solutions and support municipalities and communities to meet their sustainable development goals and reinforce their environmental policies, presenting innovative solutions for municipal waste collection. Currently, there are more than 22,500 Lasso™ waste containers installed worldwide.

Our Products

Lasso™'s underground and semi-underground containers ensure efficient waste collection and contribute to increased recycling levels. Municipalities around the world rely on the new generation of Lasso™ waste containers which, equipped with intelligent systems, encourage selective disposal and contribute to a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable environment.


Full-underground and semi-underground containers for urban waste collection